December 4-8, 2017 at Atlantic City, New Jersey
The 73rd Deming Conference on Applied Statistics
Sponsored by Metropolitan Section, ASQ and Biopharmaceutical Section, ASA

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12/6/2016 (Tuesday) 8:30 AM - 11:45 AM

Session F: Basic multiple comparisons in clinical trials and genomics

Dr. Bushi Wang, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Prof. Xinping Cui, University of California

Moderator: Naitee Ting
Multiple comparison is a very common practice in pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Traditional clinical trials with multiple endpoints and multiple doses require the use of multiple comparison procedures to protect the familywise error rate. Recently the advance of personalized medicine requires the use of biomarkers to identify patient subgroups and multiplicity issues raise in these studies demand careful selection of multiple comparison procedures. There are abundant literatures in the field of multiple comparisons since the 70ís and more advanced techniques are developed rapidly in the past decade. In this presentation, we would provide an opportunity to survey some early publications as well as highlight of some recent advancement in multiple comparison procedures with applications to clinical trials and genomic. Audience of the presentation can expect to be refreshed with the most commonly used multiple comparison procedures, closed testing and newer concept such as partition testing, graphical approach and gatekeeping. We will discuss methods for family-wise error control, false discovery rate control, local false discovery rate control and false discovery proportion estimation in genomic data analysis. We will also examine critically the interpretation and implication of controlling these error rates for discovery of potential biomarkers and explain when to use which type of error rates.

Bushi Wang (PhD in Applied Statistics from University of California, Riverside) is a Senior Biostatistician at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc since 2011. He has been working on clinical trials across different therapeutic areas and difference phases with main focus on late stage Oncology and Cardiovascular trials supporting approval. He is co-founder of the Multiple Comparison Procedures Society, an US organization supporting the international MCP conferences. He maintained a track record of statistics methodology publications as well as publications on key medical journals such as NEJM and Lancet Oncology.

Xinping Cui (PhD in Biostatistics from University of California, Los Angeles) is Professor and the Chair of the Department of Statistics at University of California, Riverside. She has been working on the development of high-dimensional data analysis and multiple testing methods with application in high-density molecular markers discovery and high throughput genotyping since 2002. She has participated in a large number of bioinformatics cooperation projects across plants, animals and humans. Her research has been funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). She is co-founder of the Multiple Comparison Procedures Society, an US organization supporting the international MCP conferences.

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